Dreaming of a romantic wedding celebration at the luxurious Fullerton Bay Hotel? Why not? Every happy couple can make this dream come true. All they have to do is to book it and have the event manager handle everything.

Why Fullerton Bay Hotel  Is The Best Choice For Your Wedding Ceremony?

The wedding ceremony is a big step in your new world that you have to plan well. It is the time when a couple should enjoy an unforgettable moment. A wedding ceremony and party in a hotel is not an unusual thing. Inviting honorable guests for a wedding party in Fullerton Bay Hotel  is unquestionably outstanding.

There are reasons why this place is worth considering as the most luxurious wedding party. First, it delivers a very romantic ambiance, where all attendees can easily enjoy the marvelous panorama of the Marina Bay Front. Next, the ballroom is adorned in such enchanting decoration, based on the wedding’s theme by professional wedding organizers of the hotel . Another reason why having a wedding party at this hotel is beneficial is because of the overall facilities and amenities that everyone can enjoy during the wedding party.

It is not surprising if Fullerton Bay Hotel  was rewarded with various awards. One of them is from Her World Brides’ Venue as The Best Hotel Wedding Solemnisation Venue in 2016. There were still other similar awards that make the wedding venues in this hotel are worth choosing.

Choices of Wedding Venues

Wedding couple-to-be can opt for one of several wedding venues here. The first one is Floating Event Pods. Floating event pods that are set up over the water become such an amazing event journey.

It is outstandingly exclusive with three different pods named Port of Call, Voyage, and Compass. The names were taken from the maritime heritage of the country. They are not just regular pods. They have an adjacent balcony with the Marina Bay panoramas from the rooftop.

The next one is the elegant Clifford Pier. It is the wedding venue for brides who want to become a fairy tale princess for a day. The interior has a striking classic, yet the intricate design that represents the total elegance of a fairy tale palace. This building was a momentous meeting point that once became the ship’s arrivals to the country.

Another choice of memorable wedding venue is La Brasserie. Yes, everyone can expect to enter the authentic and classic French design where elegance is in every corner. The room has natural lights that shower the spacious room through the very high and ample windows. The ivory paneling and the herringbone oak floors add the exquisiteness of the venue. It boasts two dining rooms and one main dining hall which can accommodate up to eighty guests. Its outdoor terrace is nothing but remarkable.

So, ready to welcome the most memorable event with any of the wedding venues in Fullerton Bay Hotel? There is no need to wait. Making an advanced reservation is strongly recommended because a perfect wedding in a perfect spot should be handled with professional event managers of this place, as soon as possible.

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